The Venue

So, you have chosen your venue, set your date and are now planning your wedding to the last detail.

Here are a few ideas to help you – please get in touch if I can be of any help.

If possible, visit your venue when it is sunny, when it is dull, during the day and at night. See how the rooms look under each of these conditions. Ask to see the room with the lights set to how they will be during the various parts of your day. Many venues look great during the day but at night with the standard venue lights can look a little stark, drab or lacking in character. This is quite normal – most venues weren’t originally built for evening functions and very few venue managers truly understand the impact of correct lighting on the atmosphere of the room, the atmosphere and mood of your guests and even the behaviour of your guests. Many venues are now replacing all of the bulbs in their lovely chandeliers with non-dimmable energy saver type bulbs. This means that you generally have 2 choices on the evening – lights on or lights off!

Moodlighting – Simply put, Moodlighting is created by using low-energy cool running LED lighting units to uplight your venue. They are set to your desired colour to enhance, contrast or match your chosen colour theme and to bring the room into your wedding. The results are simply amazing and once you see a room with moodlighting correctly installed you won’t settle for anything less! For more information on this amazing service please click here

Other options for your venue could include an amazing starlit backdrop in either white or ivory or even the traditional rich black starcloth. These make a lovely frame for your Top Table, to cover less attractive parts of the room or as a backdrop for your evening entertainment. Top Table surrounds and Cake surrounds are available to match.

Wedding Cake – Some venues seem to find the strangest places to display your fabulous, expensive wedding cake. Some put them in front of windows where the view detracts from the cake. Others put them in an unattractive corner and one venue I know even places the cake in front of a sewage downpipe! Why not have a backdrop to set your cake off, complete with heat-free LED spotlights to pick out that amazing topper! I have framed cakes in both simple and complex manners, whichever suits the client’s taste!

Dancefloors – One of the ultimate effects for any wedding, a checkerboard or starlit dancefloor really shows style as well as helping to focus the dancing exactly where it should be!

Pinspotting – simply the most luxurious of effects especially when combined with Moodlighting! Keep the ambient lighting levels low whilst picking out your tables and centrepieces with a carefully controlled light

For more information on all of these services please have a peek at my Venue Decor page

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