Your Wedding Day

Your Wedding Day. You know it is going to be The Greatest Day Of Your Life.

But did you know that you can transform your day into something even more special and memorable with just a few ideas and the right people around you? It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and in fact once I am booked most of the suggestions and secrets cost nothing at all! Some services such as Moodlighting do add a little to the cost of your day but rather than being an expense it can set off everything else you have spent your money on to give you much greater value from everything!

Over the years I have shaped my business and the services I offer to suit my clients. We talk, they tell me their dreams and if I can help to make them happen I do. This often results in me offering a new service, and of course knowing that what I offer is relevant and works!

My personal guarantee to you …

I will do absolutely everything in my power to help ensure that you and your guests have the most amazing day ever! I will put 110% into every aspect of your wedding with which I am booked. I’ll help with planning, advice and suggestions and will commit totally to providing the very best service I can possibly provide.

Throughout your day there are several ways I can help you to make your day incredible.  This page is designed to give you some ideas, some things to consider and perhaps a few things you hadn’t thought of.

The Venue – You’ve chosen your perfect venue so let’s talk about how we can make it look it’s very best not just during the day but also in the evening which is when a lot of rooms start to look a little stark or drab. Fantastic lighting ideas and neat little touches right through to dancefloors which twinkle magically and even having your own custom animated Wedding Monogram! Have a look here for some more ideas.

The Ceremony – a few little details can make this part of your day incredibly memorable. Please read more on my Wedding Ceremony page.

Master of Ceremonies – Having your own Master of Ceremonies not only gives an incredibly stylish atmosphere to your wedding but ensures that everything is presented in a style and manner which truly reflects your tastes, personalities and sense of humour – it is the ultimate way to personalise your Wedding at very little additional cost. Plus – some amazing ideas on how to make parts of your day so special that your guests will be talking about it for years to come. Read more about this great service on my Master of Ceremonies page.

The Wedding Breakfast – Without the right entertainment what is probably the most expensive meal of your life will be just that – an expensive meal. However – add the right entertainment and choice of Master of Ceremonies and it can become something incredibly special and magical. See my Wedding Breakfast page for more details.

The Evening Reception – This is the longest single part of the day, often with the greatest number of guests and provides the most immediate and lasting memories. Yet it is so surprising how many venues treat the evening function as the ‘poor relative’ of the rest of your Wedding Day. This is where great memories happen, where huge fun is had, where the formalities of the day can be shrugged off and where we eventually say goodnight to everyone. With the right entertainment this is just fantastic, with the wrong entertainment it is just another party. For more information have a read of my Evening Reception page.

Entrances and Spotlight Moments – Creating amazing moments and memories by taking the parts of the day which are often taken as granted and planning dramatic, exciting and memorable moments. For example your Grand Entrance into the room can be really enhanced by using a piece of music to emphasise the occasion. Or instead of your cake cutting being a 30 second photo opportunity why not make a real moment of it – show tribute to your parents or reflect  on one of the many traditions surrounding Wedding Cakes. Ask me about creating your Love Story – an amazing short presentation of your life together, taken from each of your individual stories and melded into something to entertain and involve your guests.

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