Over the years I have developed a wide range of services to help make your Wedding Day something even more special.

Most of these have come into existence after chatting with clients and their visions of what they would really like on their Wedding Day. Where possible I have made these visions happen, and often this results in a new service being born!

Because of this I am confident that all of these services are not only relevant but will add a positive image and enhance your wedding day. Please browse through the following – where applicable click the links to see more information on individual services, and as always please get in touch if you have any questions, would like more information or perhaps even have a different vision!

I guess the additional services fall into two categories – Equipment-based and Service-based. In truth though there can be an overlap. By far the most popular service based option is my full day early setup service. This helps your day run more smoothly, adds the stamp of your personality and sense of humour and creates lasting, amazing memories. For equipment based ‘extras’ my Moodlighting service continues to be immensely popular and my reputation for the quality of this service is second to none in the region.

This is a full list of the services I offer as a Wedding DJ. Most services are available only alongside my Wedding Disco service but it is occasionally possible to supply some of these as a standalone service. Most notably my Moodlighting Service is available as a standalone due to it’s popularity (though a discount is applied when purchased with my DJ Service).

Background Music for your Wedding Breakfast – Many people dont realise just how important the right background music can be to your meal. Getting it right can keep everybody entertained, charged and in the perfect mood for the day, as well as provide the perfect atmosphere. I can either supply a small, discreet sound system for you or along with an early setup can fully manage the music myself, adapting it to the tastes of your guests and incorporating any of your own favourites you have chosen.

Ceremony Music – A very popular service, I can provide a fully managed service to play your chosen music during your ceremony, ensuring that it is started, stopped, faded professionally and effectively. If you have chosen a particular verse of part of a song for your Processional (walking in) then I can ensure that it starts at the perfect moment for you. I can also provide radio microphones or even a professionally installed condenser system for your ceremony vows, readings etc. Depending on venue and timings this can be with a small, discreet high quality sound system or even using my own disco sound system. Please click here for more details.

Early Setup – If you have a lot going on through the day or your timings are tight then it can be of great benefit to pay for an early setup. Not only does this give you access to any other services (such as Moodlighting or the Monogram) for a longer period of time but it can save on time and hassle later in the day.

Moodlighting – By far the most popular additional service I offer, LED Uplighting is used to create incredible atmosphere, add colour to bring a room into your colour theme and to provide not only a sophisticated, elegant look to almost any room but to provide an incredible ‘wow’ factor. Please click here for more information.

Monogram – Your Name in Lights – a new service for 2015 this is proving to be a really popular choice. A custom designed monogram with your  names, the date of your wedding or whatever you want on is projected onto a suitable surface within the venue using a high-powered projector. The monogram can be static or can even be animated!

Starlight Backdrop – The amazing black starlit background is available in either 6mx3m (20ftx10ft apprx) or 3mx2m (10ftx6ft6inches apprx). The larger is perfect as a backdrop for your Top Table, especially when you want to focus attention away from a busy or less attractive background. It is excellent for photos. It can also be used as a background to your band or DJ, a room divider or just to hide an area or wall/window you find unattractive as well as to provide privacy from outside eyes! The smaller is perfect as a backdrop to your cake, ensuring your wonderful wedding cake is displayed in all its deserved glory. More details can be found on my Venue Decor page here.

Speeches – I can supply radio microphone/s for you to use for your speeches along with an appropriate sound system, or with an early setup can use my main system and monitor/adjust sound levels for you

Table Pin-Spotting – Quite simply the ultimate sophistication and elegance is provided by using mini spotlights or pinspots to highlight the centres of your tables. Especially suitable if you want to show your table centrepieces off to best effect this is a highly effective service. Combined with Moodlighting and perhaps your table candles or tealights it also allows you to have all of the room lights off, thus completely controlling the atmosphere in the room. It allows your guests to clearly see what is going on at the tables and to experience the full effect of your decor and the moodlighting without any additional ambient light at all.

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