Why book a Master of Ceremonies?

Employing a Master of Ceremonies for your Wedding Day has so many benefits that for many couples it is a no-brainer. With Colin Cook, when you book me as your Wedding DJ you have the opportunity to also have me provide music for your Wedding Breakfast, a radio microphone for speeches and for me to act as your Master of Ceremonies. The best bit is that the cost for all of this is a very small additional charge which adds huge value to your day. Providing this service can often represent a significant amount of preparation and communication both with you and with your other suppliers. Typically this preparation can run into many hours and therefore represents amazing value

As Master of Ceremonies my first and primary task is to take a lot of the weight from your shoulders and allow you to enjoy your day without worrying about anything going wrong or about things happening when they should. This allows you to relax, take a deep breath and really enjoy yourself. After all, not only is this one of the most important days of your life but for most couples is also one of the most expensive.

Some typical examples of what I can provide and help with (depending on how long you have booked me for) are:

Welcoming your guests
Ensuring relevant guests have buttonholes
Inviting your guests into the Ceremony Room
Directing guests to cloakroom and assisting with coats etc
Taking cards and gifts and arranging on Gift Table or directing guests to Gift Table
Directing Guests to their Seats (or supervising the Ushers in this)
Providing background music whilst your guests arrive
Playing professionally cued music for the Bride’s Entrance (The Processional)
Radio Microphone, stand and Lectern for your Readings
Recording your Vows (optional)
Background music during the Register Signing
Playing your chosen song to lead your guests out (The Recessional)
Planning tools for your Ceremony
Planning tools for your Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast
Directing guests to your Drinks Reception
Calling guests for photographs – helps speed up your photographs and allows your Photographer to concentrate on getting great photos
Inviting guests to be seated for your Wedding Breakfast
Grand Entrance (or more informal Entrance). Speak to Colin about some great ideas to personalise this for you
Saying Grace, reading a Blessing or introducing the person who will do this
Background Music during the Wedding Breakfast
Microphone for speeches
Toastmaster announcements, introducing the Speakers
Soundbeds or audio punctuation for your Speeches
Icebreaking and building a rapport and atmosphere with your guests
Ensuring the cake is positioned correctly and that the knife is to hand
Introducing the Cake Cutting
Liaising with other suppliers, venue management and staff
Providing a Point of Contact for your guests who works directly for You
Announcing the break before the Evening Reception.
Inviting Guests back into the Room for the Evening Reception
Keeping guests informed with what is happening and when
Ensuring everyone is aware of the Guestbook and it’s location
Background music whilst evening guests settle in
Introducing the First Dance
DJing the evening reception
Introducing any other entertainment such as a band and working with them regards their playlist
Introducing the Evening Buffet or Food
Providing other Spotlight Moments and personalised memory opportunities
Arranging and presenting the End Of Night Celebrations

In addition to this and to general announcements and interaction with guests Colin Cook is frequently asked to help with:

Help with speeches, both writing and practising
Techniques for public speaking
Microphone technique
Timeline Planning
Venue Decor planning
Personalised introductions for the Bridal Party, Bridal Couple and other distinguished guests
Icebreaker games and ‘Know Your Couple’ type games.

As you can see the level of help available to you and the opportunities to ensure that your day stays on course are substantial. Add in the opportunities to turn your day into something completely unique and reflecting your tastes and of course the simple fact that you can relax and enjoy your day in the knowledge that someone who works directly for you is carrying out your wishes – all this adds up to an amazing value. Yet to have all this added to your day costs surprisingly little. So – what’s the catch?

Well basically I find that when I am providing the service of Master of Ceremonies I get the opportunity to break the ice with your guests and to form a relationship with everyone. I can identify the ‘partymakers’ and use their enthusiasm to help build the evening and likewise I can help those who don’t want to be in the thick of it to find the best seats to suit them for the evening. I also get the chance to involve your more mature guests by playing some of their music requests earlier in the day. On top of all this I also get to set my equipment up earlier in the day without the time pressures of an ‘evening only’ gig. This gives me peace of mind and allows you to get the best value and the most enjoyment from your evening function regardless of how your daytime timings have worked.

I gain from all of this and because these things help the evening become more fun and more successful which helps me to get more recommendations and increase my reputation as the Leading Wedding DJ in the North East of England. The more value there is for you, the more chance of you booking me for the entire day and that suits us all. That is why I build so much value into my charge for Early Setup and for Master of Ceremonies.

Please get in touch for more information or to discuss YOUR Wedding Day.

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