Kate & Jodie's First Dance

Jodie and Kate’s Amazing Power Ballad Treehouse Wedding!

2 lovely brides, a beautiful Treehouse setting and a music selection to get everyone singing along was the formula for Jodie and Kate’s amazing Treehouse Wedding.

I’ve worked at the Treehouse many times and always love being there. This time I was in the Potting Shed for the evening. It’s a tiny room so I took along my new 10-18mm wide lens for it’s first real outing.

This Wedding was also a bit of a milestone in that it was the first Wedding in Northumberland to feature a registrar-conducted conversion from Civil Partnership to Marriage. The Treehouse Restaurant were proud to be the venue hosting this.

I have to admit to being a little dubious when I saw the extent of Jodie and Kate’s playlist. They’d said all along they wanted a wedding of Power Ballads. Now I love Power Ballads as much as the next guy and will happily belt them out in the car, but generally I’d advise against an entire night of them for a disco. However, Jodie and Kate got it spot on for their guests and to my pleasant surprise the dance-floor was packed all night. I added in a few of my own choices to keep the tempo up but keeping to J&K’s genre preferences. We had lots of singing, lots of air guitar/sax/mic and I am positive a lot of sore throats the following morning!

It genuinely was an amazing night with 2 fabulous brides and their lovely guests – everyone having a great time!

The video is not great quality as the room was quite dark – but you’ll certainly get an idea of the singing power these guys had!

Thanks so much Jodie and Kate for having me as part of your Wedding Celebration.

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