Wedding Day Secrets - Facts the Industry would prefer Brides didn't know

Brides Don’t Know What Brides Don’t Know

Now that’s quite an attention grabbing headline isnt it?

Brides Don’t Know What Brides Don’t Know is the tagline to an exciting new book by Wedding Industry Professional Derek Pengelly and it is deliberately thought-provoking. The book is called ‘Wedding Day Secrets – Facts the Industry would prefer Brides didn’t know’ and although it is primarily aimed towards the specialist entertainment side of Weddings it has a lot of validity in terms of your overall planning. The book also echoes many of my own discoveries over the years.

Basically the book explains how the Wedding Industry tends to capitalise on the fact that most Couples are ‘First Time Buyers’ and have little or no experience in choosing or pricing the things which really make a difference to a Wedding. This ‘inexperience’ means that at many stages in the planning of a wedding couples often only know what they are told and only do things in the way they are told to do them. For example many venues have their own way of doing things and despite advertising how customer focussed they are, still ‘encourage’ couples to do things their way. This makes sense for them as they may well have 2-4 weddings per week especially in the peak season.

In his book Derek explains that this is a good safe way to have an ok wedding. Things run, you eat, you celebrate. It’s a wedding. Nothing wrong with that. But it’s not necessarily YOUR Wedding. It is an ok, even a good wedding – but it isnt an AMAZING Wedding. Derek offers suggestions and ideas for thought on how to make your Wedding something totally unique to YOU. A Wedding with fantastic memories of you and your guests and with the focus of your Wedding being You and Your Guests!

Derek also looks at the things guests actually remember, the points during the day where fabulous memories can be made (which he calls Spotlight Moments) and how you can avoid the pitfalls of a ‘McWedding’.

The Key to this is choosing an amazing Wedding Presenter (or Party Host), either for the evening or for the whole day. These professionals can help transform your day and help provide an atmosphere which keeps your guests engaged and entertained across the day. These professionals generally offer amazing value for money for the difference they make to your Wedding and as they also provide some of the key services you will need anyway (such as evening entertainment, lighting etc) are ideal candidates for your consideration.

Why book indifferent entertainment and go with bog-standard venue options for your announcements and daytime music when with a little imagination you can have a wedding which will set the standards for your family and friends for years to come!

Derek’s book Wedding Day Secrets is available as an e-book on Amazon at the amazing price of just £4.99 but you can get a copy for free. Anyone who makes an enquiry with me for their Wedding Entertainment will get an abridged 2 chapter version for free with their quote and all clients who book with me will receive a full copy free of charge. Also any clients who would like to meet with me to discuss their Wedding without any obligation will receive a free full copy of the book just for meeting.

One word of warning though, please ensure that anyone you are considering having as part of your Wedding Day is truly as professional as they claim. The Wedding Industry is full of superlatives and wild claims – sadly many of which are simply untrue.

So – avoid having a McWedding and take the first step to having the most amazing wedding day ever – get in touch now!

Wedding Day Secrets – Facts the Industry would prefer Brides didn’t know

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